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Thank you for joining our forum, this forum was created to help support our active fitness group. Our group of course is called "Satisfy Me", with the goals of self-improvement in health, fitness, and maybe looks too. We plan to create custom exercise routines and diets for each of our members to fit with their personal goals. This is where the form comes in hand, we can use the forum to post diets, recipes, exercises, or anything that will help our members achieve greatness.

We are still working out the details/ideas for our fitness group and we have several suggestions as follows:

- Compete against yourself (Keep up with the diet and exercise routine for a year and see how much you have improved.)

- Orientation/Induction Meeting (We will interview each member to learn more about their fitness/health goals and take group pictures as well as "before pictures" of each member)

- Group work out activites (Such as walking/jogging in the park, or working out together at some gym some where.)

- Group picnics (We get together eat healthy food and disscuss our progress.)

- Fitness Olympics (Its going to be soo fun!)

- Group t-shirts (We can wear them when we hit the gym or during our group events)

Thats all we have so far, if you have any suggestions or comments please tell us.

P.S. If you need me to create a sub-forum (ie like the diet and exercise sub-forum, which all go under the health category) then just PM me with the title for the sub-forum, and i'll create it. Oh and remember to check the posting rules. ~~> Posting Rules

OH and don't forget to vote for our t-shirt colors.
Poll ~~> T-Shirt Color Poll
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