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 Creating a Exercise Routine

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PostSubject: Creating a Exercise Routine   Thu Jun 28, 2007 5:24 pm

~ Sorry you guys I’m Still working on the Forum I don’t have many ideas or articles posted as of now. When I get more time I will edit previous posts and make them better. This is all I got for now. Any Suggestions/ideas just AIM me or post a comment ^__^.

Here are some extremely basics steps to creating a weekly work out plan/routine.

#1. Determine your goal for your exercise routine, also include target areas (ie. Abs, back, arms, etc which ever part of the body you feel you want to improve).
-My goal is to tone my body esp. my back arms and abs. Other goals could be increase strength, loose weight, or just more cardiac activity for a healthy lifestyle.

#2. Motivation
- After you find your Goal for your routine, you also have to find some motivation factors to keep you on your routine. For my motivation is a sexy body to go with my goal of getting a tone body. Other motivated factors could be a love one, high self esteem, etc.

#3. Determine how to exercise
- For example walking, jogging, lifting weights, aerobics, swimming, tennis, or basket ball. Any activity that requires you to be active can be consider as exercise.

#4. Determine where to exercise
- Home, gym, or outside - time and money is a consideration.

#5. Determine when to exercise and for how long
- What day and time of day is best for your workout schedule. Consider your obligations (job, family, etc.). The length of how long you exercise depends on the goal that you want to achieve. For example if your goal is to lose weight then you should work out at least 30 to 45 minutes to burn fat. But remember to start out slow first then build up, I think 20 minutes minimum is a good starting point. Remember If you exercise everyday, try to exercise on different target areas (muscles) so that your other muscles can relax and repair themselves.

Inspirational source:

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PostSubject: Re: Creating a Exercise Routine   Thu Jun 28, 2007 10:33 pm

You should exercise every other day so that your muslce could rest and that you wouldn't cramp up. If you workout at a gym try to not over excersice. Just focus one day on one thing such as abs, thighs, cardio, etc. Remember to drink plenty of fluids so you won't be dehydrated in the middle of the workout. If you want to lose fat, I would suggest you to do cardio at least 30min a day. However, I agree with what our Admin. about building up your time. I hope you guys get enough information from this to help you on your quest. In the meantime Admin and I will try our best to find healthier ways to help us out.

J.B. =)
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PostSubject: Re: Creating a Exercise Routine   Thu Jul 05, 2007 5:19 pm

yeah okomo and admin is right. okomo sure know about working out. but yeah you can go play other sports instead of just work out is also a form of excercise. i just start roller blading now, we can do that instead of jogging, it require alot of energy and burn more calories and yet u can have more fun. i roller blade so i can have a butt cause a friend told me when i skate and bent down like a squating position i get butt and thight. so yeah. just a sugestion. see time for me to skate right now.
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PostSubject: Re: Creating a Exercise Routine   Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:49 pm

Okomo also believe that sex gives you a better work out than any cardio machine can!
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PostSubject: Re: Creating a Exercise Routine   

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Creating a Exercise Routine
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